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I came across this 2006 interview with Terry Carroll of Zziplex. The sound quality is poor, but what Terry has to say about surf rod design and long distance casting is highly relevant today, when so many fishermen are unsure of the best way to improve their distances on the beach.

Rods for surfcasting

Middle-of-the-road rods are usually the right choice for surfcasting. And they're far and away the best for learning to cast long distances. These days, what with all the advertising hype and skewed reviews, it's all too easy to lose sight of what's really required to cast and fish easily and enjoyably.

All powerful surfcasting methods are the same underneath. Off-ground and pendulum styles share the same "engine". Get the basics right, and your distances and control will shoot up. And unlike so many things in life, building solid foundations is really easy once you know what to do.